even if you want something not listed on this page, feel free to contact me.

mail: [email protected]
phone (Google Voice): +1 (484) 258-9302
Discord: ClaytonDoesThings#4119
Twitter DM:
Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are fine if I know you

Contract/commission Programming

I will program something for you be it a feature for something you're already creating, fixing a bug, or even a whole application. I cannot take all jobs because I do have limited time and I cannot determine a rate until I know what I'm creating so contact me.

In-person Tutoring

If you're nearby, I am available to do in-person tutoring. Otherwise, online tutoring is available. Currently, over the summer, I'm free most of the time. During the school year, I will most likely not be able to tutor during the weekdays save for a studyhall. Weekends are usually ok after like 10am.

Online Tutoring

While I much prefer in-person tutoring, online tutoring may be much more convenient for some/most people. Rates for online tutoring will be slightly less because of gas. I prefer to use Discord for online tutoring but most applications including Zoom are fine. For more information on tutoring, please refer to the in-person tutoring section. To talk about online tutoring, contact me.